Venetian Masquerade Ball

Dress to impress as you enter the fantasy world of a Labyrinth-inspired Venetian Masquerade Ball and join us for an evening of decadence, elegance & style. Complete with DJ, live entertainment, a lavish dessert buffet and costume prizes.

From the 1943 Phantom of the Opera to the 1986 cult movie Labyrinth starring David Bowie, or the Devil’s Waltz in Van Helsing’s Eyes Wide Shut – Venetian style masks have been an inspiration dating back to the 12th century. Some of the more traditional styles include:

Bauta: usually worn by men, this heavily gilded mask, often with a projecting chin-line and no mouth, is usually worn with a red or black cape.

Colombina: a half mask, only covering the eyes, nose and upper cheeks is held to the face by a baton or tied with a ribbon.

Medico della Peste: one of the more bizarre masks, comes with a long beak and is worn in combination with a black hat, a long black cloak and white gloves.  Originally designed for doctors treating the plague, the hollow beak allowed for rose water to keep away the foul odors that were thought to spread the infectious disease.

Moretta: a small black velvet oval mask with wide eyeholes and no lips made it just large enough to conceal a women’s identity.

Volto: the iconic stark white Venetian mask is secured in the back by a ribbon and overs the entire face.

Pantalone: a half mask representing an old man with an oversized nose.

Arlecchino: a half mask representing a noble savage with a bump in the forehead meant to signify the devil’s horn. Often worn with a beard.

Zanni: a leather half-mask with bulging eyebrows and a long nose that is curled up towards the end.

Join us for a new annual tradition in Salem, whereby we celebrate winter with a lavish Masquerade Ball that takes the chill away. And for those wishing to stay overnight, we have created an amazing package that includes 2 tickets for only $159. Limited rooms are available, so book your package today! This incredible room deal can only be purchased by calling our reservation team at 978-744-4080 or select the “Masquerade Ball Package” rate in our reservations page.  ROOM PACKAGES ARE SOLD OUT

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Looking for something unique to wear? We have partnered with Eric from Behind the Mask Studio. Check out his Facebook page and send him a message if you are interested in standing out!

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