Special October Directions

When there are street closures:
Please get to Interstate 95 in Massachusetts and go to ROUTE 128 NORTH, take EXIT 20 onto ROUTE 1A SOUTH. Follow that into Salem. After going over the VETERANS MEMORIAL BRIDGE, turn LEFT at the light and continue down BRIDGE ST (ROUTE 1A SOUTH). Pass the Mobil Gas Station and Coffee Time Bake Shoppe (both on the right). At the next light, turn LEFT onto WEBB ST. Continue to the next set of lights and take a RIGHT onto ESSEX ST. Our hotel is located on the right of the block of Essex St. and Hawthorne Blvd. Guest parking is located on the right on Essex St. behind our hotel, or on the left across from the larger lot. Please inform the front desk if you are in need of luggage assistance, as motor vehicles will be restricted from parking in front of the hotel during the parade.

When there are no street closures:
The area is more congested than usual during our exciting Haunted Happenings month of October. We have an additional route that you may be interested in taking to miss some of the traffic: Please get to INTERSTATE 95 NORTH in Massachusetts. Once you are on ROUTE 128 NORTH (the fork on I- 95 stays to the left and becomes ROUTE 128), take EXIT 20 onto ROUTE 1A SOUTH. Follow that into Salem. After going over the Veterans Memorial Bridge, drive straight through the lights and continue down the BRIDGE ST BYPASS ROAD (ROUTE 107 SOUTH). When approaching the traffic lights, stay in the middle lane and drive straight a short distance to the next set of lights. Go into the left lane and turn LEFT onto ST. PETER ST. Turn LEFT at the stop sign onto BROWN ST. At the end of BROWN ST, stay to the right of the statue and turn RIGHT onto WASHINGTON SQ WEST. Our property is the six-story brick building on the corner of Essex St. and Hawthorne Blvd. Turn left at the traffic light to access our rear parking lots. Please read below about parking in October.

PARKING IN OCTOBER — While we are fortunate to have one of the largest areas for parking in Salem, October hotel events do fill up our spaces on occasion. On extremely busy days, we do have a parking attendant who will assist hotel guests and hotel event attendees to find spaces. As parking is offered on a first come first-serve basis, we encourage people to visit the two Salem parking garages nearby if our lots are full. Both of these garages are located within one block of the hotel. Please note that while street parking can be found near the hotel, many of the surrounding streets have restrictions for non-residents.

Motorists who ignore posted no-parking or resident-only signs will be towed by the Salem Parking Department.