Dining Around the World…In One City

Are your taste buds ready for the culinary trip of a lifetime? Get out your stretchy pants, because we are about to tell you how you can taste delicious foods from all over the world without ever leaving Salem, Massachusetts. You won’t be needing your passport for this trip!


Howling Wolf Salem, MA

Howling Wolf Taqueria

Two words: tacos and margaritas! Howling Wolf, also known as “The Wolf” to locals, is the place to get your Mexican food in Salem. Every day is Taco Tuesday and there is always a crowd ready to chow down on some chile con queso or guacamole. The food and drink options are endless, delicious and affordably priced. Treat yourself to some great food and learn what their motto, “feed the good wolf,” really means!

Yelp Review: “Food is beyond words fantastic. I don’t understand how the best Mexican food I’ve ever had is in Salem, MA but I’ll run with it.”


Dominican Republic

Celia's Salem, MA


If you are looking for an authentic Dominican feast at a great price, Celia’s is the place to go! Everything is always fresh in this cafeteria-style restaurant. Located in the heart of Salem’s Point neighborhood, you can enjoy a great meal and then walk just a few steps and experience the larger than life murals on the surrounding buildings, all a part of the amazing outdoor Punto Urban Art Museum.

Yelp Review: “This place has the best Dominican food around! The portions are generous and very inexpensive. The food is absolutely delicious, and the workers are friendly.”



O'Neills Pub Salem, MA

O’Neills Pub & Restaurant

Delicious bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie are just a few of the things that make O’Neills the Irish pub that it is. Get a perfect pour of Guinness and then enjoy the live Irish music performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Their menu is extensive and has something for everyone to enjoy.

Yelp Review: “O’Neills is your typical fun Irish pub. The food is good, the drinks are nice and strong and the Beef Stew is A1.”



Bella Verona

Step into your Italian grandmother’s kitchen where you have been served some of the best home-cooked meals you have ever had. That is Bella Verona. This intimate Italian restaurant has the ambiance and cuisine that make you feel as if you are truly in Italy.

Yelp Review: “This was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had, from start to finish. The staff was incredibly friendly without hovering. The ambiance was perfect, not too dark or light, and not loud. The décor was tasteful with interesting old photographs. Best of all, the food was exquisite!”

Bambolina Restaurant

Craving wood-fired pizza that tastes as if you were dining in Naples? You have come to the right place! The delicious Neapolitan pizza from Bambolina is made from scratch and never disappoints. The open kitchen with a view of the wood oven serves as a great addition to the restaurant’s rustic atmosphere.

Yelp Review: “This wood oven farm to table pizzeria in downtown Salem really has it going on.  I loved sitting front row orchestra for the food preparation show with the chef’s feeding that amazing oven that just fills the room with an amazing smell of wood and fresh cooked pizza.”



Adea’s Mediterranean Kitchen

Fresh and delicious food can be found at the family owned restaurant that is Adea’s Mediterranean Kitchen. The reason so many customers keep going back? The falafel! It is also known for being vegan and Kosher friendly. You can’t go wrong ordering anything off of the menu.

Yelp Review: “This place makes AMAZING Mediterranean food. Everything is so good. I’ve tried most of the menu and can’t find anything that I dislike.”



Passage to India

The extensive menu and delicious food at Passage to India leaves you feeling the need to return again and again to try it all! Authentic dishes from northern and southern India are prepared, served family style and are perfect for sharing. The freshly made naan is a must have.

Yelp Review: “Hands down my favorite restaurant in Salem, scratch that the North shore. Great staff, great food, great drinks. I just can’t get enough.”



Koto Salem, MA

Koto Grill & Sushi

Delicious Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine can be found at Koto Grill & Sushi. Like their name would suggest, they are are known for their sushi rolls. Choose from a seemingly endless list of sushi, including vegan options. Get half-price sushi on Mondays and enjoy some live music and karaoke throughout the rest of the week.

Yelp Review: “Always fresh sushi and very good service. I do think it’s one of the best choices for sushi.”


America (United States)

Village Tavern

Known for having the best burgers and prime rib in Salem, the Village Tavern is the place to go for American pub food. Their menu has a lot more than just burgers which makes it a place that everyone can enjoy. The Village Tavern offers much more than just good food, and is often the place to go for a night out with friends. The atmosphere can get pretty competitive after entering their game room filled with pool tables, darts, skee-ball, retro video games and air hockey.

Yelp Review: “This place is awesome! A great place for food & fun with pool tables, darts & spirits of the drinking kind!”

Turner’s Seafood at Lyceum Hall

Ready to taste some of the best seafood that New England has to offer? Look no further than Turner’s Seafood at Lyceum Hall. Located in a building rich with history, including Alexander Graham Bell’s first public demonstration of the telephone in 1877, Turner’s is a a must if you are looking for an awesome meal in a historic atmosphere.

Yelp Review: “Oh my goodness, this place was no joke. Real deal. Completely everything a seafood restaurant should be and more.”



Are you still with us? In a food coma maybe? Salem has some of the most diverse dining options around, and you may not be able to get to them all during your visit but what a great excuse to come back again!

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