Festival of the Dead

Halloween is the special time of year when the shades of the dead whisper from forgotten places and spirits walk among us. The Witches of Salem honor this time with Festival of the Dead, an annual event series that explores death’s macabre customs, heretical histories, and strange rituals. Presented by Salem Warlocks Christian Day and Brian Cain hosted by the … Continue reading Festival of the Dead

Salem Haunted Happenings

Salem Haunted Happenings is a festive celebration of Halloween and fall in New England running annually, October 1-31. Events include a Grand Parade, the Haunted Biz Baz Street Fair, Family Film Nights, costume balls, ghost tours, haunted houses, live music, and chilling theatrical presentations. Learn more and find a full schedule of events on hauntedhappenings.org.

“The Salem Witch Trials: Reckoning and Reclaiming” at the Peabody Essex Museum

More than 300 years after the Salem witch trials, artistic imaginations remain engaged by the personal tragedies and grave injustices of this historic crisis. In this exhibition, learn more about factors that fueled the hysteria and individuals who rose to defend those unjustly accused and explore two creative responses by artists with ancestral links to … Continue reading “The Salem Witch Trials: Reckoning and Reclaiming” at the Peabody Essex Museum

Haunted Happenings Marketplace

The main event moves to Salem Common this year! Your favorite vendors, performances, mural pop up photo stations, street performers and much more.

The Salem Psychic Fair & Witches’ Market

Explore the future with a psychic reading at Salem’s longest-running psychic fair! Hosted by Christian Day, Brian Cain, and the Witches of Salem, The Salem Psychic Fair and Witches’ Market features the Witch City’s most gifted Psychics, each one officially licensed by the city of Salem! Wander an emporium of magical gifts, meet real practicing Witches, and … Continue reading The Salem Psychic Fair & Witches’ Market