François Auguste René Rodin in Salem

Showcasing one of the world’s most acclaimed sculptors – François Auguste René Rodin – the Peabody Essex Museum’s latest exhibit hits it out of the park. The PEM has done an outstanding job in keeping the visitor intrigued by showcasing over 170 pieces of art. While The Thinker and The Kiss are undoubtedly two of the most recognized pieces of art, seeing an eclectic range of Rodin’s art up close reveals the hand of a true master in a variety of materials; from clay to bronze to marble.

Rodin Exhibit Runs May 14th – September 5th

Opening on May 14th, I had the opportunity to see Rodin’s exhibit last night and François Auguste René Rodin Exhibitwas very much impressed with the quality, scope and dedication by which it was put together. And, as if the sculptures and drawings are not enough by themselves, the museum is also having continuous live-movement performances inside the gallery – as a subtle ode to Rodin’s request for his models to constantly move and not be static.

RFrançois Auguste René Rodin Exhibitodin is just one of the many great exhibits that the PEM has on display, and the Hawthorne is fortunate to be located a mere 150 yards across the main entrance to the museum. Together with the other exhibit – Asia in Amsterdam: the Culture of Luxury in the Golden Age –, visitors have a unique opportunity to visit two of the world’s top exhibits highlighted under one roof in Salem.

If you plan to visit, you may want to look at our special PEM package, which includes an overnight stay, two tickets to the PEM and a $15 gift certificate to the museum shop, which makes this a great way to escape for the weekend or even take a mini mid-week break from the daily grind.

I hope to see you soon!

Patrick Cornelissen
General Manager

P.s. Asia in Amsterdam will run till June 5th, while the Rodin exhibit will continue till September 5th.

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