JCakes – New Hawthorne Hotel Wedding Vendor

We are excited to announce that JCakes will be joining the Hawthorne Hotel Wedding Vendor List! They are one of two wedding cake vendors that our clients use along with Montillio’s Baking Company!

Here is a quick Q&A that we did with the owner of JCakes, Jessie Mullin.


What sets you apart from other bakeries or cake designers?

I think what sets JCakes apart from other bakeries on the North Shore is that we really provide a modern take and a modern aesthetic to all of our designs. I try to always have my finger on the pulse of whats new and happening in the cake decorating world. I have a background in art, so I look at all of our products as little works of art. To me they are so much more than just baked goods. When I’m thinking about designing a particular cake order, or even when we’re putting store cakes out to our case, I really take the time to figure out what’s going to give them that “look,” that edge, that will make them stand out. I really want our cakes to be special, to be a step above the rest. Every cake starts with a vision.

Why are you excited to partner with the Hawthorne Hotel?

I’m really excited about partnering with the Hawthorne Hotel! I grew up on the North Shore and always have known the Hawthorne Hotel as a sophisticated and historical landmark. The ballroom is incredible, and I think will provide a really amazing backdrop to one of our custom created wedding cakes! The Hawthorne Hotel is a destination, and I am looking forward to working with couples who truly appreciate the hotel’s historical, yet sophisticated style!

What is your favorite cake?

What is my favorite cake? That’s a really hard question because I truly do love all things cake! I suppose I would say I’m totally a chocolate girl! Chocolate cake with just a very simple vanilla buttercream, yum! In terms of some of my favorite cake designs, For me, less is always more. I like simple things that make a bold statement. I like cake designs that use just a couple of hand selected elements to really create a “wow factor!” Right now I’m really into playing with different textures and incorporating metallics. I also really enjoy doing fresh flower and fresh fruit arrangements on cakes!

What else do you do besides wedding cakes?

Although designing wedding cakes with couples planning a wedding is one of my favorite things to do, we make so many other kinds of cakes here at JCakes! Crazy birthday cakes, elegant baby and bridal shower cakes, over the top bachelor/bachelorette creations, and more! We also have an incredible selection of signature cupcakes in our shop! We really pride ourselves on coming up with super interesting, sometimes wacky flavors and rotate them seasonally! And have you tried our cookies? We have some really cool flavors like our cinnamon toast crunch cookie, and the ever popular trashcan cookie, which has a little bit of everything! We also carry whoopie pies, and a seasonal variety of other desserts! I’m always willing to try something new!

What is the craziest cake you have ever created?

I have made so many crazy cakes over the years! One that stands out is this incredible wedding cake I made for an Indian wedding. It was a six tier cake, each tier looked like a beautifully decorated pillow. It had gold tassels and intricate gold piping it was pretty spectacular! It was almost as tall as me! What a challenge that was delivering to Watertown, I’ll never forget that drive! Recently I made a Game of Thrones inspired cake that had 3-D sculpted knights fighting an incredible 3D sculpted dragon, and treasure that spilled out of a treasure chest all over the front of the cake! It took hours to hand create and sculpt all these little treasure pieces, tiny swords, tiny crowns it was pretty amazing! I really enjoy hand sculpting tiny intricate pieces I find it incredibly therapeutic!

Why do people like working with you?

I think people like working with us because they can really feel that their cake order is important to us. I think they appreciate the thought and attention to detail that goes into designing every single cake. My motto in business has always been that I always go “above and beyond” for every single order, no matter how small or insignificant the event may seem. It’s important to me that our cakes are unlike anything else you can get ANYWHERE! Our cakes make an impact with taste and style, and I think our customers can really see that!






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