EST. 1925 in Salem, Massachusetts


18 Washington Square W,
Salem, MA

Diner dans le Noir

On June 8th, join us for a fun and entertaining “Diner dans le Noir”; a 4-course dinner in the dark experience whereby you will be blindfolded and follow your taste and smell sensations to discover all that you are being served.

Moderated by Salem Food Tours, and hosted by comedian Mark Scalia, this one-time event is one you don’t want to miss. Bring friends, come alone or attend as a couple, you will enjoy a fun-filled evening testing your smell and taste skills in discovering what our Executive Chef has prepared for you.

Seating will be limited, so buy your tickets today. Price includes:

While we cannot disclose our menu ahead of time, please note that we will not be serving any exotic, never tried before items, nor can we guarantee a nut-free menu; however, you can choose between a meat, fish or vegetarian option. Due to the nature of this dinner, we will not be able to accommodate any substitutions. For once you will have to trust our chef and your own taste buds.

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Will the room be dark?
No, the room will remain lit, but you will be wearing a blindfold during the entire dinner.

What if I have to go to the bathroom?
Simply raise your hand, and someone will be there to assist you. We will escort you out of the room, where you can take off your blindfold. Afterwards, we will escort you back to your table.

I don’t like a lot of food items. How will I know what I’m being served?
You won’t. That is part of the discovery. We can promise that you will not be served anything exotic or out of the ordinary. We are not out to trick you that “everything tastes like chicken”. Our executive chef has given his word on this.

How will I know what to do.
Salem Food Tours and comedian Mark Scalia will be narrating the entire evening, walking you through the various steps. So sit back, enjoy, and try not to spill your food. P.s. The hotel will not be responsible for any dry cleaning, so you may want to dress casual and try not to spill!

How are the seating arrangements?
We are setting up tables of 6 or 8, and will join parties together. While you cannot see them, this will also make for a nice conversation during the dinner time, as you together explore the various food items you are being served.

Can I keep the blindfold?
Likely the most asked question, and the answer is simple: yes. What happens with the blindfold afterwards stays with the blindfold.


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