Salem’s Culinary Revival

What defines a culinary hotspot? While every city has its myriad of restaurants and bars, the joint efforts of visionary restaurateurs and creative chefs who work with local products and have the passion to create something unique can turn a small town city into a food destination. Within New England, most people would look to Portland, Maine as an example of a city that has risen in recent years to “foodie” status, but Salem is catching up fast!

Salem already has a plethora of top notch restaurants, such as Finz, Opus, Adriatic, 62 on the Wharf, Sea Level, Naumkeag, Turners Seafood, and our own Nat’s, the latest addition to the long list of Salem hotspots is a small Italian restaurant called Bambolina.

Serving hand crafted artisan pizzas, the focus on fresh, local and unique is evident from the menu that reads like a fine dining locale. With an open kitchen concept, the entire restaurant operation forms the perfect stage and a window to the Italian essence of food, family and enjoyment.

Fun trivia: The 925° hand made wood-burning oven was imported from Italy and takes 8 days to reach its core temperature, yet it takes only 90 seconds to fully cook the pizza.

Next time you are visiting the Hawthorne, let us know what your favorite restaurant in town is. With so many to choose from, you may want to stay an extra night!

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