FAQs About Weddings At The Hawthorne Hotel

Does the Hawthorne offer outdoor ceremonies?

We can work with the city of Salem, as well as with the House of Seven Gables to include an outdoor ceremony venue, based on availability, at the adjacent Salem Common or at the oceanfront lawn of the House of Seven Gables. Please ask your wedding coordinator for more details regarding this.

I have out of state guests attending my wedding. What can we plan for them?

Salem is a great walking city, and as such you can turn your wedding into a weekend getaway. From lively bars to local attractions and shops, Salem has the perfect blend of activities to offer. Please ask your wedding coordinator for suggestions or ideas.

What vendors do you recommend?

Each year, the Hawthorne hotel coordinates over 100 weddings. As such, we have built a great reputation and can certainly recommend a wide range of vendors. For more information, please take a look at our wedding brochure, as we highly recommend all of the vendors listed.

What choices do I have for alcoholic beverage service?

Your choices include what type of bar you will have (open vs. cash and if open, then consumption vs. flat hourly rate), whether you will have a champagne toast or offer wine with dinner. These and other details should be reviewed with your catering manager as soon as you are ready, but at least two months prior to your wedding. Once these decisions have been made, a formal contract will be sent to you outlining all of the details.

May I bring in my own liquor or wine?

In accordance with the Massachusetts beverage license regulations, only the holder of the license may supply any liquor and liquor service, including all related staffing. Under no circumstances may alcoholic beverages be brought in by the client or provided by another vendor or distributor. The license is held exclusively by the Hawthorne hotel.

May I order wine or beer that is not on your list?

Yes, specific wine and beer may be specially ordered, based on availability at the time of ordering. A handling fee of at least $50 or more will be charged for each specially ordered item. The handling fee is based on what is ordered. If you are interested in a beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverage that is not on our list, please let your catering manager know as she will advise you on specific pricing and availability. The current standard beers on our bars are Sam Adams, Budweiser and Bud Light, as well as a non-alcoholic beer.

In your experience, is a consumption-based bar or hourly bar more financially beneficial for us?

There is no right answer for everyone, as it really depends on your guests. Some people prefer the hourly bar, because they know exactly what they are paying for ahead of time, and there are no surprises after the wedding. We encourage every client to review their potential guest list to make a determination of which style would be most beneficial, since every wedding, and every group is different.

What are the beverage prices?

Please refer to the beverage information and wine list for all prices, including staffing fees, taxes and gratuity. Prices are considered firm once you sign your contract. Until that time, they are subject to revision should significant changes occur in the marketplace. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have at any point during the process and look forward to working with you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Once you have the final guest count, typically the week of your wedding, we will complete an estimated bill for you. The final estimated balance is due five (5) days prior to your wedding. The refund or overage will be charged to the same credit card you provided for the final payment. We accept all credit cards. You may also pay with a bank check; however a valid credit card is still required to cover any overage. Personal checks are not accepted for the final payment.