2022 Halloween Ball

2022 Halloween Ball: “An Encore from the Grave”

Halloween Ball: An Encore from the Grave

Thank you to everyone who attended this memorable event. We were impressed with how you embraced the theme, your creative costumes and the energy you brought to the Hawthorne and the City of Salem.

Photos taken in front of the themed backdrop are available for you to download here: www.popinbooths.com.

Images from the 360 degree photo booth will be available soon.

If you have photos from the Ball that you would like to share with the hotel for our social media/website/marketing efforts, please send them to kpetty@hawthornehotel.com.

And don’t forget, tickets to the 2023 ball — scheduled for Saturday, October 28 — will go on sale June 1, 2023 via eventbrite.com.


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