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Corporate Event Itinerary

Here is an example of what your itinerary event could look like for your guests with The Hawthorne Hotel.

Day 1

  • Arrival
  • Park for Free
  • Train Walking Distance
  • 20 Minute Transfer from Airport
  • Check In
  • Room Drop – Something from a gift shop, treat from the hotel, swag, Gibraltar's – oldest candy in America, etc – set the tone for the meeting, (think Rhony & family package)
  • Meet in Lobby – Signature Cocktail
  • Karen Scalia picks up Salem Food Tours

    • Out on foot for 1 hour + | history, visits bakeries, restaurants, breweries – see Salem with bites along the way
  • Return to the Hotel and have a Seated Dinner that Incorporates the Tour

    • Think – Notch brewery – beer-battered chicken
    • Think spice shop or olive oil shop – enjoy app with an infusion
    • Dessert could be Nathaniel’s bread pudding which was found in the archives at the H7G
  • Evening Meet Up – The Tavern bar for drinks

Day 2

  • Meeting
  • Package - Breakfast on-site
  • Meeting room with all needs - Take elevator down
  • Comp coffee in lobby
  • Lunch – Boxed lunch and head to the House of Seven Gables for tour and picnic

  • Afternoon break 

    • Taste of fall NE with apples
    • Or sports fan – Fenway
  • Meeting ends
  • Spring/Summer

    • Pick Up Catering Platter from Hotel – over to wharf for cruise
    • Return to Gables for Clambake
      • Branded Bibs
  • Fall/Winter

    • Or over to Maison Vampyre Salon for Readings
    • Return to Hotel for Dinner Stations – Movement 
      • Live Shuckers and Raw Bar
      • Chef Demo
      • Local Delicacies - Roast Beef 3-Way. Boston Cream Pie

Day 3

  • Meeting
  • Lunch on-site – fun
  • Afternoon break – Throwback snacks

  • Ask about 90s swag
  • Guests return home feeling connected, energized, and motivated, having explored and learned Salem's history and local facts

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